Turn Your Home into Cozy Cocoon: Interview with NAMA Studio

Turn Your Home into Cozy Cocoon: Interview with NAMA Studio

Turn Your Home into Cozy Cocoon: Interview with NAMA Studio

We know it may feel like FOREVER when it comes to stay-at-home, but why not make good use of this period to redecorate your home with unique and adorable designs? Try turning your home into a cozy cocoon as this might be the best way for you to “keep calm and carry on”.

We’re very happy to invite one of our favourite textile designers Naama to join our IlloAtelier collection this month! She has exclusively selected 4 of her lovely animal-themed tea towers for AWW lovers. Dedicate and cute, bolster yourself up with these vibrant tea towels at home!


AWW: We’ve realised that the pattern of your home decor design includes a lot of botanical elements! It makes people feel absolutely peaceful. How do you come up with this drawing style?

Naama: I like to draw botanical elements, whether it’s vegetation or animals. Since I started observing illustration styles, I was drawn mostly to ‘cuteness’ (kawaii). I believe my style is a mix of things I like, embedded with my own developed style. I’m really inspired by naive art, Japanese aesthetic, and nordic illustration. I like bright, solid colors, rounded shapes, and simple compositions.


AWW: We can see a lot of cute and unique elements from your work as well, sun, bird, naked woman even sushi! Could you kindly explain your message behind your work?

Naama: I believe what motivated me the most, is art that makes people smile, makes them reminisce of something familiar and feel at home. Most of my designs are intended for home decoration, so warmth and burst of color in our surroundings is what guides me the most. 

AWW: What’s your beloved project with an animal theme?

Naama: The most beloved project I made, besides my animal love, is an installation I made for the Jerusalem design week in 2018, named ‘The Savage’, in which I’ve created a fabric quilted imaginary scene of wild nature including birds, tiger, lizard and a snake.


AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?

Naama: I cannot truly remember my first piece of work. I’ve been drawing since I was a little child. I always knew I had the ability to hold a pencil, but I took it seriously only when I started design school around 2014. Since then I was more aware of illustration as a profession.



AWW: Where do you like to draw?

Naama: I usually like to have a meticulously well-organized surrounding and a specific zone to draw in, so I usually draw in my studio. Sometimes I also like to draw while traveling.



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To find out more about Naama please visit the artist's IG account | @nama.textiles
All images provided by Naama.

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