Recharge Yourself with Colours! Interview with YUK FUN

Recharge Yourself with Colours! Interview with YUK FUN

Recharge Yourself with Colours! Interview with YUK FUN

Colours are the inseparable elements in life and never underestimate the power colours bring. If you’re yearning for some festive vibe, go for green and red! In dare need of serenity? Blue and white! Which colour best represents your mood today?

Browsing through YUK FUN’s work, you’ll definitely feel a strong sense of energetic vibe with their vibrant colour tone. Recently came aboard in our illoAtelier Collection, YUK FUN has selected their most classic tote bag and enamel pin for AWW Lovers to assure you’re always accompanied by animal companions!🐙🐶 Check out this interview for some more daily anecdotes this design duo shared with their cat Dora!💓🐱



AWW: We love how you’ve designed a lot of animal characters with such bright and colourful palette! To you, what do animals represent?

YUK FUN: Animals are our best friends! Our dream is to live in a world where animals and humans can coexist peacefully. Ideally the animals would be wearing human clothing and doing jobs too. With our illustrations I think the main aim is to have fun and make people smile, maybe even laugh.



AWW: Your cat Dora is the soul of Yuk Fun!💖 Do you share any special anecdotes with her and how is she involved in your creative process?

YUK FUN: She's a loving monster who lives in our hearts, souls and house. A couple of years ago we woke up to find the house covered in vomit. We had accidentally left a Berocca tablet out on the kitchen counter overnight and Dora had licked it. Cats and effervescent vitamin tablets do not mix! In terms of the business side of things, she has a kind of studio manager role and keeps us in line while we work on stuff. She'll give us a shout if something looks rubbish.



AWW: Working as a design duo, what makes it unique and different from working as an individual?

YUK FUN: It's super helpful to have each other to bounce ideas off and to shoot down terrible ideas before they get too far haha!



AWW: We know that you’ve been working in your home studio in Portslade-by-Sea all along! Now that we all need to work from home, do you have any advice for us to blend work and life perfectly?

YUK FUN: It definitely helps to have a separate room for work if you can! We'd also recommend making some rules about when to start and stop work so you don't just end up working all of the time, which is a real danger especially if you run your own business. This isn't new advice at all, but making sure you spend some time outside or at least exercising a bit really makes a big positive difference to how you feel.



AWW: Are there any studio essentials to make your working experience better?

YUK FUN: Our studio essentials are; decent quality tea, good lighting (being in a dingy room all day can be really depressing!) and good tunes! Here are some of our favourites: YUK FUN Spotify Playlist 



AWW: Why do you choose this beautiful combo for AWW readers? Can you introduce it for a bit?

YUK FUN: Our combo is the Fluff Buddy tote bag and our Jellyfish enamel pin! We think they go really well together because they are both really colourful and cute. Fluff Buddy is one of our oldest designs and is probably our most popular. The Jellyfish is a nice little pin in warm tropical colours and will go with any outfit and looks great on the tote bag.



AWW: Last but not least, is it true that you design for the clothes inside your wardrobe as well?😏

YUK FUN: Haha yes we only make clothes that we would like to wear ourselves. We have a whole Dora collection coming out soon with Dora dungarees!




To find out more about YUK FUN please visit the artist's IG account | @yukfunwow
All images provided by YUK FUN.


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