Got 3 minutes? Try These Relaxing Activities And Take A Break!

Got 3 minutes? Try These Relaxing Activities And Take A Break!

Got 3 minutes? Try These Relaxing Activities And Take A Break!

A lot can happen in 3 minutes. But if you’ve got 3 minutes during the long working day, what would you do? You could take a short nap — but that could actually make you more tired! We recommend the following 3 activities to refresh yourself:

 1. Watch A 3-Minute Stop Motion Animation

You may want to watch something interesting on the Internet to relax a bit! Pui Pui Molcar is a short Japanese stop-motion anime series, with a fixed length of 2 minutes 40 seconds in each episode. This popular series has over 3.8 million views on YouTube already! Each story is short yet inspiring, spreading positivity through the cuteness of adorable guinea pigs.


Where to watch: Molar-anime 


 2. You Deserve a Tea Break!

Why not take a tea break to give your mood a quick lift? Go grab your cup and make some coffee or tea. It’s pretty manageable in 3 minutes. Get some sugar (but not much) for an energy boost too. Try these little cute bird-shaped sugar by Felissimo and put them aside for your coffee, you’ll feel all that stress fly away just by looking at it!




Where to get it: Felissimo


3. Do Some De-Stressing Colouring

Colouring books are not just for kids. Here’s a stress-reducing coloring book you have to get: This Annoying Life: A Mindless Coloring Book for the Highly Stressed. Different from ordinary colouring books with illustrations of forests and flowers, this book portrays the little annoyances in everyday life. Enjoy your break colouring your way through the funny illustrations — it will surely lift your spirits!




Where to purchase: Amazon

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