The Neckless Character that Brightens Up Your Social Media Feed: Meet The Anonymous Creator Worry Lines!

The Neckless Character that Brightens Up Your Social Media Feed: Meet The Anonymous Creator Worry Lines!

The Neckless Character that Brightens Up Your Social Media Feed: Meet The Anonymous Creator Worry Lines!

By just using simple and smooth lines, the anonymous illustrator Worry Lines has created an empathetic neckless character that has been taking over everyone’s social media feeds lately. (We see you reposting the illustrations  (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)!) While playing around with idioms, phrases or just about anything, Worry Lines successfully delivers warm smiles to her 590K followers online and holds everyone’s attention with a vibrancy that is that is iconic, lighthearted yet highly relatable!

Worry Lines’ unique and warm sense of humor explains clearly why her neckless character can rule on Instagram — and if you are curious to know more about this mysterious illustrator or are looking for something to resonate with, just like us, scroll down to read our interview with her! (And don’t miss our collaboration with her in AWW Issue 4! She has created an awesome game for everyone!)


AWW: We are so thrilled to have you in AWW Issue 4, thank you for illustrating the Game Section: Spare 1 Minute For An Uplifting Game! What did you feel most grateful for in the past year? 

Worry Lines: Thank you for having me! I think I listed a lot of what I'm personally grateful for in the game section — I guess I'd give specific shout outs to the good parts of the internet, a good cry and instant noodles — the three pillars of a year well spent.



AWW: We really appreciate how you incorporated animals into the illustrations! Do you have any pets and which animal do you think best represents your inner self?

Worry Lines: I wish I had a pet rabbit, but for now that remains a distant fantasy. The animal that best represents my inner self is probably a potato. I know that potatoes aren't technically animals, but imagine if they were! Roaming the countryside, rolling down hills, hopping over small streams. What a world that would be!


AWW: The characters you drew in your illustrations are so relatable, where do you usually get your inspiration from?

Worry Lines: I like language a lot and I enjoy playing around with idioms and phrases — I particularly enjoy subverting the almost toxic positivity of some of the motivational quotes and advice that floods our social media feeds. I think it’s really important for me to share content that isn't entirely motivational or aspirational as I want my drawings to be relatable and to resonate with people's actual experiences, particularly when it comes to mental health. I think it’s really comforting to know that you're not the only one who sometimes gets so overwhelmed that you have to eat an entire box of cookies and then have a little lie-down on the kitchen floor, for example.


AWW: Now, as spring is officially here and we are moving towards a new normal as well, is there anything you want to do or miss doing?

Worry Lines: I really want to stand barefoot in a field of grass.



AWW: Here comes the last question! As Issue 4 is titled “Time Capsule”, what would you send your future self as a gift or something to remember by?

Worry Lines: I'd send myself a big box of all my favourite non-perishable snacks. Knowing, unequivocally, that there are snacks ahead would be a great incentive. That's my kind of motivation.






To find out more about Worry Lines please visit the artist's IG account  |  @worry__lines
All images provided by Worry Lines.

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