The 7 People You Meet on the New York Subway

The 7 People You Meet on the New York Subway

The 7 People You Meet on the New York Subway

It’s the city that never sleeps, the land of dreams, and the place where you find inspiration every day. What is it like living in New York City? Perhaps you’ll find out on the New York Subway, the epitome of The Big Apple!

Inspired by his years spent riding the NYC subways as a kid and his fascination with Greek mythology, the Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky has created a series of hyperrealistic paintings, depicting everyday situations and interesting people in an underground world— with animal heads! His surreal paintings have been displayed nationwide and internationally in over 75 exhibitions.

Here are the 7 “people” we’ve picked from his work — have you ever seen them on the NYC subway?


The Businessman

If you catch the train when you’re running late to work, luck is on your side today!


The Reader

Trust me, holding a book makes you more attractive. Check if the person reading next to you is on “Hot Dudes Reading”!


The Diner

A dining room can be located anywhere—nothing can stop diners enjoying their meals! 


The Singer

Here’s the best place to discover talented singers. The person singing in front of you may be the next superstar, who knows!


The Mom

Always show respect to all mothers out there. It's not easy to take care of multiple kids at a time.


The Tourist

Camera? Ready. Sunglasses? Ready. Map? Oops, where’s the map? 


The Party Animal

You know it’s Friday when you see them all dressed up.



Text by Crystal L.  |  More of Grabelsky's surreal paintings: @grabelsky

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