Connecting to Your Inner-Child with Linzie Hunter

Connecting to Your Inner-Child with Linzie Hunter

Connecting to Your Inner-Child with Linzie Hunter

Linzie Hunter is a renown illustrator and lettering artist, with her signature goofy smiles and cute, fluffy animals, we couldn't resist asking her for an interview! Get to know more about her drawing routines, what she uses, and what she thinks about these colourful illustrations of her own:


AWW: Could you introduce the set-up of your desktop when you start drawing? 

Linzie Hunter: I rent a studio space in Peckham, South London.  It’s a nice short walk from my home and I find it useful for maintaining a good work/life balance.  When I’m working, things can get a bit messy so it’s good to have a dedicated space on which I can shut the door and leave behind.  It’s also good to be around other creative people rather than being on my own at home. My studio-mate Jill ( is an excellent company and it helps to have another illustrator with whom to discuss ideas or get a second opinion. 



AWW: What is your favourite drawing tool?

Linzie: I can’t pick just one.  Most days I will draw with a mixture of pencil and ink.  For pens, I like Tombow brush pens; they give a nice even coverage.  When it comes to pencils, my favourites are Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils.  They are beautifully soft and vibrant. Alongside my sketchbook, I now always pack my iPad for extra work flexibility.



AWW: Is there a specific time when you like to draw?

Linzie: Even though I am freelance, I mostly still work a traditional 9-5 working week in the studio.  I used to be a night owl and would work long into the night, but have found now that I’m a bit older, I prefer a good night’s sleep.  I still draw at other times, but mostly just for myself.



AWW: What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie (or anything you could think of) with an animal theme?

Linzie: I’m most excited about the project I’m working at the moment.  I can’t say too much but it’s a fun book project featuring this pig.



AWW: How do you come up with your style of illustrating animals? 

Linzie: It’s just been a natural evolution over time.  Keeping sketchbooks and carving out time to draw for pleasure is really helpful when you are trying to solidify your own personal style.



AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?  

Linzie: I don’t remember my very first piece but I know that I was always drawing as a kid.  Even as a young child, I was never that interested in colouring books and found them boring and generally quite pointless.  I’d be happier with some blank paper and lots of pens, so not much has changed. I constantly try and keep that sense of boldness and child-like energy in my sketchbooks. I am frequently reminded of this quote by the great Dick Bruna:  “I would love to be able to draw like a child, so spontaneous, so open-minded on those big sheets. As an adult you start to draw and then hope that you make something good, something beautiful. A child is not like that, they start and see what happens…"



AWW: You have drawn many animals but have you ever wondered which of them matches the personality that you possess?

Linzie: I think that the characters I draw all mirror some of my qualities: a bit cute but also goofy and awkward at times.



AWW: If there is a chance for you to create an imaginary animal, what would it be?

Linzie: I’d create a big fluffy dog that didn’t bring on an allergic reaction on hugging it.  I have the same problem with cats, but I can live with that one more easily.



To find out more about Linzie Hunter please visit the artist's IG account  |  @linziehunter


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