I Draw What I Feel: Interview with Yeon-ju Choi

I Draw What I Feel: Interview with Yeon-ju Choi

I Draw What I Feel: Interview with Yeon-ju Choi

Sometimes colourful, sometimes black and white, sometimes fluffy: Yeon-ju Choi's illustrations convey her deepest feelings about the things around her, including her cats! For as long as she remembers, she has been drawing, observing and showing her feelings in each brush and stroke. We've had the chance to interview her and know more about her drawing habits:



AWW: Where do you like to draw?

Yeon-ju Choi: I enjoy drawing at my desk. Especially late at night, the picture is drawn better.

(It's even better if my cat is sleeping next to me.)



AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?

Yeon-ju: I don't remember what my first work was.
I have been drawing since I was very young.
Perhaps my first painting is a graffiti I have left somewhere?

These paintings that can be said to be the first works are the personal works that I started posting on SNS as a college student.




AWW: How do you come up with this style of illustrating animals?

Yeon-ju: I don't think being able to draw animals realistically automatically makes it a good painting. When I draw, I would look into their eyes and try to focus on their character and personality. Sometimes I also take reference to my own cats.

I enjoy drawing with brushes and ink or brush pens, and I paint my cats and animals with them. Rather than defining my own style, I kept practising and drawing animals.




AWW: Could you kindly explain your message behind your work? 

Yeon-ju: I enjoy drawing people and animals around me in my own style.
(I'm taking care of three cats.)

The pictures I draw don't intend to mean much.

My paintings contain feelings that I have while living with them, or any other unusual thoughts I've had.



AWW: What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie with an animal theme? 

Yeon-ju: I like animal paintings by @mogutakahashi.

The animals in her paintings are not bound by form, they are very witty.
I think free emotions, sensual colours, and funny messages like a little child's drawing are the charm of her animal paintings.

This is her Instagram: @mogutakahashi


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To find out more about Yeon-ju Choi please visit the artist's IG account | @chocolateye


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