To All The Things I’ve Loved Before

Type: Magazines

Featuring 47 Illustrators and over 250 Illustrations!

Featuring: Maira Kalman / Nina Cosford / Haley Tippmann / Giselle Dekel / Wisut Ponnimit / Marie Boiseau / Clarice Tudor / Tomoko Hara and more!


AWW 7th Issue / Dec 2022

Buckle up — we’re taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride! Curious about what kind of teen Maira Kalman, Nina Cosford, Haley Tippmann and many more of your favourite illustrators were like? Discover 8 unique coming-of-age tales (like who used to have a taste for cheesy pop music!) and dive into 21 other memories of their most treasured vintage trends, from mix CDs to Tamagotchis! Also, what’s being a teenager without unrequited love? Take a peek into 18 bedrooms jam-packed with the wildest dreams and celebrity crush keepsakes. Grab your copy today to relive the joy, wonder and craziness of your forever sweet 16!


About the Magazine

PAGES: Cover 4pp
CONTENT: 112pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 195mm (w) x 255mm (h)


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