To All The Beautiful People I Love and Draw - Interview with Soupy Tang

To All The Beautiful People I Love and Draw - Interview with Soupy Tang

To All The Beautiful People I Love and Draw - Interview with Soupy Tang

Ever since the invention of cameras and the word “Instagrammable”, we have been recording and sharing the most beautiful moments of our life with photos. But if you are as talented as Taiwanese illustrator and super mom Soupy Tang, you might consider illustrations the perfect way to keep your memories alive and colourful. 

Turning snippets of her adventures in Edinburgh and motherhood into vivid heartfelt drawings, Soupy celebrates the important stages of her life with the beautiful people she meets along the way. Lucky for you, here’s a peek at some of her proudest creations and life-altering moments — you might even be inspired to make an eye-pleasing journal yourself!   


AWW: What’s the best thing about being an illustrator?

Soupy Tang: Drawing has been my hobby since I was very young. I feel relaxed when I paint and am very lucky I can do this for a job!




AWW: Can you share a work that best represents your relationship with Taiwan?

Soupy: It would probably be one of my books. Every book I published represents a stage of my life. My first book is about the contrasts between relaxing in Taiwan and the UK. It came from my observation that the British’s lifestyle is very different from the Taiwanese when I studied in Edinburgh. I also wrote another book about me becoming a mom. It is my most personal book so far where I talk about the changes in my inner feelings and how my life is different now that I am a mother.




AWW: It’s such a blessing to have supporters and inspiring people in our life who motivate us to become a better version of ourselves! Who’s your inspiration?

Soupy: My son. He makes me see the world from a different perspective.



AWW: In Asia, live portrait drawing is well-loved by illustrators and their audience. What do you enjoy most about it? Can you share one experience?

Soupy: I enjoy doing live portraits because I can be close to people, chat to them and draw them. I like to guess what colours they like based on their outfits, and if they love dogs, cats or children from our conversation. On the day of my first portrait drawing event, I assumed that very few people would actually come because I have never drawn one before. But in fact, there were people from different cities willing to wait in line for a portrait by me! Then I realised that they like to see themselves in that style.



AWW: Who are the 3 illustrators that you have followed closely on Instagram and would like to collaborate with?

Soupy: @ikam12025, @fayollemarion and @fumi_koike.



AWW: Lastly, which animal would you choose to represent your personality?

Soupy: I am definitely a dog. I love hiking and hanging out with friends. I always say I'm a dog person even though I draw lots and lots of cats haha.



To find out more about Soupy Tang, please visit the artist’s IG account | @soupytang
All images provided by Soupy Tang.


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