How Do You Cook Up A Rainbow? – Interview with Rocío Egío

How Do You Cook Up A Rainbow? – Interview with Rocío Egío

How Do You Cook Up A Rainbow? – Interview with Rocío Egío

FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT — whether it’s a dream project or life goal, this is the recipe to cook up a rainbow according to designer, illustrator and food fan Rocío Egío. Having dyslexia as her superpower, Rocío offers a taste of how she puts her architecture studies into delicious use, creating illustrations bursting with happiness. (Psst, read to the end for her family classic Paella Con Conejo recipe!)



AWW: Your work is recognisable by its bold geometric compositions and vibrant colours. What message and energy do you want to express through your designs?

Rocío Egío: I’m a very positive and enthusiastic person. People who know me say that my good vibe and energy is very contagious. I like to think that my work serves as a bridge between that vibe and people. With my images I seek to transmit my true essence. I want to spread joy, positivity and with luck, make someone smile. I share a message of enthusiasm, love and light in the blue days (those that we all have from time to time). 



AWW: How do you embrace dyslexia and turn it into your superpower? 

Rocío: I didn’t know I had dyslexia until I turned 24 years old, as soon as I found out, everything made sense.

I understand the world visually, that is why I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. For me, translating words or ideas into graphic language is necessary to process and understand the world. Everything seems less complex with color, shapes and composition. Dyslexia is an advantage in my day-to-day and what I do.



AWW: You had been studying architecture before becoming an illustrator and designer. What motivates you to commit to a whole new field? Is architecture a big influence on your illustration style?

Rocío: I’ve always wanted to study art so it was good to be back to my dream life. I really enjoyed Architecture, although I knew that I would never work as an architect. 

Have you noticed that I always use flat designs, top views and profiles in my representations? This is the way I learned to represent reality at architecture school (plan, elevation and profile). Even the use of color comes from the study of the Bauhaus architectural movement. As a very rational girl, I love to plan and to follow methodologies (I know this is unusual in people who work as creatives), which is also stimulated thanks to my architecture studies. 



AWW: What do you like to do for inspiration and relaxation? 

Rocío: I’m lucky to live close to a big park and I really enjoy going for a walk alone, with my music/podcast on. It is my meditation/thinking moment of the day. It helps me put ideas in order, prioritise, eliminate mind noise and make space for the issues that really matter. During spring, the park becomes a colourful land with all the flowers. I love getting lost in photographing them.

I also love cooking. I’ve inherited this passion from my abuela and mother. Inviting people to my table and cooking for them is one of my favourite hobbies. I enjoy every step, thinking about the menu, doing the groceries, cooking and hosting amigos at my table. 



AWW: We can tell by your colourful food illustrations that you are a passionate foodie! What food can bring you joy instantly?

Rocío: My family and I love to eat, cook, share the table and spend hours talking about life while eating dessert. I grew up with my abuela and mother as kitchen role models. They gather the family every Sunday and prepare their top recipes for the occasion. My favourite dish is one of the Sunday family classics, Arroz con conejo, traditionally from the Southeastern coast of Spain.

Here is the recipe (AWW’s notes: the original recipe is in Spanish and below is the translated version): 




Rice - 500 grams

Rabbit meat - 1

Red pepper - 1

Tomatoes - 2

Fresh rosemary - season to taste

Saffron - season to taste

Salt - season to taste

Water - 1.5 liters

Olive oil - 150 ml


  1. Heat the oil in a paella pan.
  2. Cut peppers into strips, fry with olive oil and set aside.
  3. Fry the rabbit meat with the same oil.
  4. Grate the tomatoes and when the meat is well cooked, add the tomatoes to the pan and fry.
  5. When the tomatoes are done, add some water.
  6. When the water starts to boil, reduce heat to the lowest and cook for 20 minutes until the meat is tender.
  7. After 20 minutes, add the rice, peppers, salt, saffron and rosemary.
  8. Cook for 10 minutes over high heat and another 10 minutes over medium heat.
  9. Let it rest 5 minutes before serving.

¡Qué aproveche! (Enjoy your meal!) 



AWW: The quotes from your Instagram are beautiful and keep us motivated! Which one best describes your motto? And which quote do you have for AWW readers?

Rocío: It is hard for me to choose just one haha. I’m a big fan of quotes and the exercise of writing them down, adding colours and sharing on my Instagram helps me internalise them. 

One that has become my motto this year is FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. I’ve launched my online shop this year and from the beginning I’ve kept the attitude as if it had been opening for 5 years and as if I had 100 orders a week (Actually and hopefully I normally have 3-4 by week haha)! It helps you believe in what you are doing and also helps others to visualise the greatness of your projects. 

For the AWW amigos I would like to share this one,  BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO. We are the many creatives in the world and the only way to make a difference is by being yourself and projecting your essence through your work. Find your voice and spread it out.



To find out more about Rocío Egío, please visit the artist’s IG account  | @rocioegio
All images provided by Rocío Egío.


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