An Emerging Illustrator that Everyone Should Know: Interview with Liberty Ewan

An Emerging Illustrator that Everyone Should Know: Interview with Liberty Ewan

An Emerging Illustrator that Everyone Should Know: Interview with Liberty Ewan

When words can't explain what’s on our mind, it’ll be best to have an illustration that depicts our thoughts. Liberty Ewan’s (aka orangejuicefordinner) work illustrates many of our daily encounters as if she’s a mind reader or even a stalker! As an up and coming illustrator, Liberty wishes to bring people joy and comfort amidst the chaotic time.

Scroll down to check out more of her thoughts as well as her key to success:



AWW: You’re only 22, are you a full-time student? Do you have any plans to become a full-time illustrator?

Liberty Ewan: I’m not a student. I am currently working in retail and illustration is on the side. Art is always my hobby but as I’ve started to draw more and sell my work, I want to engage more! Being a full-time illustrator and earning a living from it would be amazing!



AWW: I noticed that you have two Instagram accounts with very different styles, how do you manage the two accounts?

Liberty: The other one is very different and more ‘artsy’ than illustration I’d say. In college, I did pointillism and portraits a lot and I’ve tried to keep it up as I really enjoy it. But I also wanted to try and find a more fun and colourful illustration style, so I started a second account and posted things I came up with to see how it went!

AWW: I really like “orangejuicefordinner” as a character, especially how you depict daily life and different feelings since it’s really hard to put these into words. Is the character you? Which one is the most interesting story in your opinion?

Liberty: I think some of it is me, especially more of the recent drawings. I usually get ideas out of nowhere when I’m just laying in bed or watching tv or out and about. I find it quite hard to think of things on the spot when I really need an idea.



AWW: What’s the most important aspect for you during illustrating?

Liberty: It is quite difficult to find a style at first but I definitely feel like I have one now, it will always change a little as you grow. Even for drawings produced two months ago, I think they also look different to what I’ve done more recently, but it’s a good thing! It helps you learn—when you look back on your work, you can think about how to grow from it!

AWW: What do you think your illustration brings to your followers and yourself?

Liberty: I hope people can find something to relate to. When I see an illustration I really love, I feel a sense of comfort, and I love finding new people to follow for inspiration. I hope my work makes people happy especially in times like these. I think art can play a big part in helping people who look for an escape from reality. Art produced by others brings me joy, so I also hope that the same goes for mine. :-)



AWW: When did you start illustrating? How did you promote your own works?

Liberty: I’ve been drawing since young and I did fine art in college! However, that was more portrait/pointillism drawings, then I started illustration at the beginning of 2018. I didn’t imagine these illustrations would be so popular, but I love how people love them. I didn’t promote it at all at first, I started the account anonymously just to see how it went and see if it could get anywhere. It was only when it started to get followers, I promoted it on my other social media!



AWW: What do you think a young illustrator has to do to make themselves recognisable? Is there something they must do to gain recognition?

Liberty: I think it’s really hard when there are so many other artists and illustrators with such different styles, but when it comes to being recognisable I think social media can come in handy and be a really good tool in helping you get noticed. Social media can be pretty bad at times but it’s also one of the best ways you can promote and share your work. Finding your style is also important. You’ll know when you’ve found it, but it can also be a hard part of illustrating. Once you’ve got a style, you can stick to it and build it up so people will recognise your work!



AWW: Can you recommend three young illustrators you like to our readers?

Liberty: 1. Sally Nixon (@sallustration), her art is so wonderful and I find it really nostalgic. 2. Tess Smith-Roberts (@tesssmithroberts) whose still lifestyle and bright colours bring happiness and are cheerful. 3. Hattie Stewart (@hattiestewart). I love her style and magazine-cover work so much! There’re so many more I could list! it was hard to narrow these down!

AWW: What’s the most interesting thing that has happened to you recently?

Liberty: Nothing super interesting has happened lately, but the lockdown has made me realise how much I love my dog, and that I can’t stop taking photos of him, ever.



AWW: What’s in plan for the future?

Liberty: I would love to do illustration full time and be able to make a living from it. Being able to do something you love would be the best thing ever, but I am happy for what I’m doing now as I really enjoy them. :-)



To find out more about Liberty please visit the artist's IG account  |  @libertyjewan  |  @orangejuicefordinner


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