A Drawing A Day Keeps The Bad Mood Away – Interview with Shannon Snow

A Drawing A Day Keeps The Bad Mood Away – Interview with Shannon Snow

A Drawing A Day Keeps The Bad Mood Away – Interview with Shannon Snow

Practice makes perfect, and creative practice surely makes a perfect day, too! Ever since Savannah-based illustrator-designer Shannon Snow started a daily habit of creating uplifting artwork during her maternity leave and pandemic lockdowns, everything’s coming up roses. Not only does it help Shannon find her own creative voice, it also takes us on a dreamy journey inspired by nature and cheery thoughts. If you are in need of instant pick-me-ups, scroll down for more visual delights, self-care inspiration and quotes that will make you grin from ear to ear!



AWW: Hi Shannon! Thank you for adding sunshine to our day with your vibrant, nature-inspired illustrations with playful messages! What do you want to explore and bring to people through colors and letterings?

Shannon Snow: Hey there! I love hearing that my artwork brings people joy. It’s one of my biggest motivations for creating. Anytime someone tells me that my art spoke to them or that it brightened their day, the happiness is returned to me many times over. There’s so much divisiveness right now; I want to be putting the opposite of that into the world. No matter who you are, what you believe, I hope my artwork makes you smile.



AWW: How did you find your passion for illustration and design, and eventually make a career out of it?

Shannon: In March 2020, my life changed dramatically... And I’m not just talking about the pandemic, I also gave birth to my second baby. With maternity leave and lockdowns, I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Of course I’ve always loved making art so I made it a habit to create something every day and share that on my social media. The kind of work I was making was positive and colorful and happy, which was really therapeutic for me. Not only did it take my mind off the current state of things, but it also kept my mindset optimistic and hopeful. I guess I should’ve expected my art would gain traction because other people really seemed to be needing positivity too! There was this natural growth that happened with my Instagram, and a lot of amazing opportunities have come from that. If you take one thing away from that, it’s that making art every day is a wonderful way to discover your creative voice and audience.



AWW: Watching your time lapses is like witnessing flowers bloom before our eyes! Can you walk us through your creative process?

Shannon: Time lapses are so satisfying to watch, right? I wish I could actually paint that fast!

I’ve always been prone to “winging it” artistically. Let me just say that I am not an organized person. On a typical day, my studio is in complete chaos. My desk is covered in different art supplies, from Sculpey to acrylic gouache to coloured pencils. When it’s time to create, I allow myself the freedom to use whatever medium is speaking to me! Art is supposed to be fun as it’s one big experiment. On that note, some of my biggest inspiration comes from folk artists. I think non-classically trained artists make the most interesting art.



AWW: How do you keep an upbeat perspective of the things around you? Any self-care tips for us?

Shannon: I think there must be some kind of osmosis that happens with my artwork. All the joyful messages just work their way into my brain. Perpetual optimism is a great tool to have in your emotional arsenal. Creating something every day is my form of self-care, and it’s not always art-related either. Cooking a beautiful meal for my family or getting my hands dirty in my garden count, too.



AWW: You dwell in the beautiful city of Savannah. Tell us, what's your perfect day like there?

Shannon: Savannah is so beautiful. Sometimes when I’m walking around downtown, I have to remind myself how cool it is to live here. There’s this incredible mix of history, culture, and art – so dreamy! My perfect day would definitely involve a stroll under the live oaks of Forsyth Park with a drink in hand, preferably a Bloody Mary. There’s so much you can see walking around town, from gorgeous Victorian architecture to the gargantuan cargo ships crawling down the Savannah River. Throw in a dozen raw oysters followed by a night of karaoke and I’d be one happy gal.



AWW: Have you always been close to nature? What is your fondest memory related to wildlife and plants? 

Shannon: Yes! My parents are homesteaders, so my early childhood was filled with chickens, goats, and stomping muscadine grapes for wine. Growing up in the country, there wasn’t a lot to do, so we had to use our imaginations. My brother and I would set up camp under the magnolia trees and spend hours making up our own pretend worlds. My family would go on backpacking trips and summer road trips traveling from one national park to another. My dad once took us on a nighttime hike just so we could see how clear the stars were. As a kid, it definitely felt like I was being dragged to all these places at times, but I’m so grateful for those experiences. I mean, how often do you stop to look at the sky? Listen to the wind rustling through the leaves? Magic. It’s easy to take the little things for granted. I’m so grateful that my parents instilled a natural appreciation for adventure and nature in me.



AWW: Your uplifting typography is a reminder that life can be bliss when we believe in ourselves. Can you share one lettering work that inspires you the most now? And one for AWW readers?

Shannon: After I had a couple of rough days in a row, I was feeling kind of worthless. I made this piece to remind myself that only I get to decide my worth, no matter what happens.



I think this message is so important right now. And I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always do this, especially in current times, where we’re taught to see the worst in strangers (and even rewarded for it sometimes). Every day I try to be a better listener, looking for the things we have in common instead of the things we don’t.


To find out more about Shannon Snow, please visit the artist’s IG account | @hello.shannon 
All images provided by Shannon Snow.


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