This is ... Collection by Miroslav Šašek

This is ... Collection by Miroslav Šašek

This is ... Collection by Miroslav Šašek

Not only your kids, but also you may want something different from fairies and princesses for bedtime stories. Here is an exciting option for you and your kids to travel through time and space in the warm comfy bed.

Don’t be fooled by the rich colours and illustrations on the cover and mistake Miroslav Šašek’s (1916 - 1980) This Is… collection to be some ordinary children’s book. Since 1959, this master of illustrations captured the affluence of cities around the world in mid-20th century with amazing details that far exceed the observational ability of children’s eyeballs.

The Routemaster bus and dressing style will keep you busy explaining the olden days to your kids. In their eyes, this collection takes them on a trip of colourful places that they have never visited; in your eyes, the illustrations bring them back to several decades ago to discover what has changed throughout these days, and what hasn’t. 


Šašek’s Book Covers


© This is Hong Kong (1965, reissued 2007)


(L) © This is Paris (1959, 2004)   ® © This is London (1959, 2004)



(L) © This is Ireland (1964, reissued 2005)   ® © This is Hong Kong (1965, reissued 2007)


(L) © This is New York (1960, 2003)   ® © This is San Francisco (1962, reissued 2007)


(L) © This is Venice (1961, 2005)   ® © This is Cape Canaveral (1963, reissued 2009) (Later published as This is Cape kennedy and reissued as This is the Way to the Moon)


This is... Collection

Original published: 1959
Publisher: Universe Publishing
Author and Illustration by: Miroslav Šašek

All Photos © Miroslav Šašek   |  Text by Gillian Chan

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