Fashionable Cats will Rule the Internet: Interview with Wokasinaiwo

Fashionable Cats will Rule the Internet: Interview with Wokasinaiwo

Fashionable Cats will Rule the Internet: Interview with Wokasinaiwo

You've seen fashionable humans, but have you seen fashionable cats? In Wokasinaiwo’s illustrations, we see her depicts cats in her own fashionable way. Cats in cute ballet shoes, cats in homey aprons, cats in fancy suits… each cat in her illustration is stylish and unique, living their moment in a wonderland filled with cats. Let's take a peek into this wondrous, furry world!


AWW: Where do you like to draw?

Wokasinaiwo: For the digital drawing, I usually draw with my Mac in my room and living room, and use iPad at coffee shop. I draw at my table for the acrylic illustration.

I don't fix where I draw but let my mood decide. 



AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?

Wokasinaiwo: It all started with a Singapura cat, and sharing pictures in my Instagram of my cat named "Komame". One day, I shared my drawing of Komame and that encouraged me to draw more. I draw cats for my followers, and my artwork style develops with them. 



AWW: How do you come up with the style of illustrating animals?

Wokasinaiwo: I focus on the facial expression of cats — though scholars say cats don't have facial muscles and thus any sort of expressions. When I draw cats, I imagine cats living fashionably.



AWW: Could you explain your message behind your work? 

Wokasinaiwo: I imagine cats living in a cats-only, retro wonderland. I named such wonderland as "wokasina sekai". (In Japanese, 'wokasina' means "strange/wonder" and 'sekai' means "world".) In this "wokasina sekai" wonderland, cats play leisurely in their catly ways. I would be happy if people can be reminded of their childhood and feel nostalgic when they see my drawings.



AWW: What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie with an animal theme? 

Wokasinaiwo: How the Grinch stole Christmas written by Dr. Seuss and my work space.




To find out more about Wokasinaiwo please visit the artist's IG account  |  @wokasinaiwo


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