Therapeutic Animal Illustrations with Mamemai

Therapeutic Animal Illustrations with Mamemai

Therapeutic Animal Illustrations with Mamemai

Art student Mamemai has been painting her own illustrations to make others spark joy! A new addition to our illoAtelier collection, we've interviewed her to know more about her illustrations and the combo she has chosen for AWW.



AWW: Where do you like to draw?

Mamemai: I usually draw in my home. I prefer drawing at home rather than outside.



AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?

Mamemai: I used to draw small animals in my text book when I was a high school student, but it was not something I would show someone. I didn’t have my own style of illustration back then. About a year ago, I started to develop my own illustrations based on some doodles I made in the past and my style has slowly emerge in my recent works.



AWW: How did you come up with the style of illustrating animals?

Mamemai: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out a style for myself. It is ever-changing. I try to draw cute and fluffy characters that can make people happy! I always hope my animals can soothe people. To draw the better facial expression, I’m figuring out a way to utilise acrylic paint. I want to show a more unique texture or attractive colours in my illustrations!



AWW: Could you kindly explain your message behind your work?

Mamemai: I do hope that my animals can be therapeutic and heal someone who sees my works. I would be very glad if you can feel calmed with my work.



AWW: What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie with an animal theme?

Mamemai: There are so many works that have influenced me, but I would love to introduce this series of picture books Bam and Kero by Yuka Shimada. I respect her work so much! Her illustrations are very exquisite and full of excitement! Bam and Kero has always cheered me up, and someday I hope to make others as exuberant with my work too!



AWW: Why have you chosen this combo to put on the illoAtelier?

Mamemai: I think that these multipurpose cases will be a useful go-to item for anyone. These two cases create a sense of unity. If you put it in your bag, I'm sure they will help you organise your belongings and colour up your life!



AWW: Why did you create these products?

Mamemai: I thought the illustrations of chiffon cakes and salads I have drawn before matched these clear multipurpose cases!



AWW: What are the difficulties you faced when making these products?

Mamemai: The material is transparent, so I had a little difficulty arranging each illustration. It is important to utilise the characteristics of the material when it comes to design. I designed it to look beautiful no matter what angle you view it from!




To find out more about Mamemai please visit the artist's IG account  |  @mamemai.0123
All images provided by Mamemai


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