Your Purrfect Instagetaway with Hong Kong illustrator Missquai

Your Purrfect Instagetaway with Hong Kong illustrator Missquai

Your Purrfect Instagetaway with Hong Kong illustrator Missquai

We just can’t stop following missquai’s instagram posts!! Filled with vibrant travel pictures and soothing photos of her three cats, it is the purrfect instagetaway we all long for to destress. We are energised by the imaginative power in her work and the lovely interactions between missquai and her cats. 

Together with her brilliant illustration skill, they make missquai the best creator to design the content illustration for AWW Vol. 1, 2, 3. Here we talk with missquai about travel and lifestyle inspirations: 


Missquai's cats


AWW: What do you say to your cats most often?

Missquai: “Those are for humans!!!”


Karuizawa Kogen Church


AWW: If you could bring your cats to a place you have been to, where would you bring them? 

Missquai: Karuizawa Kogen Church in Japan.

I had my wedding ceremony there last year. I have always wanted to have my 3 cats on my big day and taking a family portrait at the church entrance. 


Wool ball stuffed with catnip 


AWW: Can you recommend a cat-related product? 

Missquai: This is a cat toy bought in Japan while I was travelling. It is a colourful wool ball stuffed with catnip. My cats love it so much that they chase after the ball every day and keep making weird sound while chewing it.



AWW: We love the travel stamps and book illustrations you created for our first volume. What is the most interesting and difficult part of the process? 

Missquai: I’d say it’s the travel section — the hardest part is I need to extract features of a certain tourist spot or festival and transform them into a small stamp. It is also the fun part because I got to know many unique places and cultural activities around the globe, during which I had to avoid being carried away by my wanderlust!  



AWW: What tool did you use for the illustration work? 

Missquai: I drew the draft by hand and produced the final work by computer. 



AWW: Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences. 

Missquai: Immersing myself into the colourful imaginative world.

Having the company of my cats.

Fortunate to make my passion my profession. 



To find out more about Missquai please visit the artist's IG account  |  @missquai
All images provided by Missquai


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