An Illustrator Who Draws Virtual Dogs: Interview with Kaliz Lee

An Illustrator Who Draws Virtual Dogs: Interview with Kaliz Lee

An Illustrator Who Draws Virtual Dogs: Interview with Kaliz Lee

Kaliz might be the only contributing illustrator of AWW Cats & Dogs who doesn’t have a cat or a dog, but with her colossal imagination and thorough research she is in no way deterred from creating the best gift for dog lovers — AWW’s scratchable ultimate gift guide/poster for doggies! We are so happy to know that Kaliz enjoys watching the cute dog/cat videos while researching!! This is exactly the happiness we want to bring, not only to AWW readers but also to creators of AWW so that they can feel the joy when surrounded by our furry best friends.


Kaliz and a cat


AWW: What do you say to cats and dogs most often?

Kaliz Lee: N/A (Because I won’t talk to them.)


AWW: If you could bring your four-legged companion to a place that you have been to, where would you bring it?

Kaliz: I’ve never kept a cat or a dog before. If I do, I want to do time travel with them, and go back to the moment when I was born. I always think growing up with pets is a bliss.


The Complete Robot


AWW: Can you recommend a cat/dog-related item?

Kaliz: “A Boy’s Best Friend” by the American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov from his classic piece The Complete Robot. It illustrates a future story when a Moon-born boy who’d never seen a real dog meets a robot dog. The depiction of the intricate friendship between a human and a canine as well as the classic theme of “whether a robot has its own emotion” is short but insightful.

AWW: Thank you for giving us a brilliant poster that keeps surprising us with what the cute pooches like “in truth” haha! What is the most interesting and difficult part of creating it?

Kaliz: It was so entertaining watching all the cats- and dogs-themed videos online for the sake of “researching”! Nevertheless, as it was my first time drawing dogs, I had to dig deep to know more about them. (laugh)



AWW: What tool did you use for the illustration work? 

Kaliz: Computer.



AWW: Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences. 

Kaliz: Independent. Uncertain. Busy all year round. 



To find out more about Kaliz Lee please visit the artist's IG account  |  @kalizlee
All images provided by Kaliz Lee


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