AWW Vol. 1 Cats & Dogs: Meow & Woof (Shipping Included)

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by AWW
Type: Magazines

2 Books with 1 Double-sided Scratchable Poster, Featuring 43 Illustrators and over 213 Illustrations!

Feature Artists: Sabine Timm / Andy Gent / Ayako Ishiguro / Ayumi Shimoda / Naoko Shono / Lorna Scobie

AWW 1st Volume / July 2019 / Quarterly Publication / 2 Books / 1 Poster

The first of AWW animal series has enlisted our forever furry best friends — cats and dogs for the spotlight. We continue to delve into world-class creators’ life through inspiring interviews, with 43 illustrators penning their personal stories with felines and canines as well as playful lifestyle content, from films, travel inspirations to recipes, health and fitness, books and horoscopes. AWW is more than a publication; it is the right kind of therapy for those who crave to become zen like cats, as lazy as pandas, or as delightful like dogs.  


PAGES: Cover 4pp
Content 128pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 195mm (w) x 255mm (h)

PAGES: Cover 4pp
PAPER: Cover - 260gsm Woodfree Card, Content - 100gsm Woodfree Paper
COLOUR: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 161mm (w) x 255mm (h)

PAPER: 120gsm Woodfree Paper
FRONT: CMYK process colour printing + Gold Scratch Ink Finishing,
BACK: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 450mm (w) x 535mm (h)

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