AWW Magazine Issue 2 Please Look After These Bears, Thank You!

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Dear Readers ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ 
AWW ISSUE No.2 First edition is Sold Out. New printed copies will be sent on 30th MAR 2021.

2 Books with Silver Laser Stamping Foil Cover,
Featuring 54 illustrators and over 208 illustrations!  

Featuring: Eric Carle / Yu Nagaba / tupera tupera / Kazuhiro Hori / Okataoka / Cécile Metzger / Tony Wheeler / Amalia Ulman / Shiho Nakashima / Sara Boccaccini Meadows / Katie Benn and more! 

AWW 2nd Issue / March 2020 / Quarterly Publication / 2 Books 

The wanderlust second issue follows creators and their grizzly characters to their escapist destinations and self-dates. Embark on this colourful adventure to get our exclusive onigiri recipes, wanderbear’s fashion tips, recommendations of the yoga pose to do in Torre di Pisa, and the best book to read solo according to Lonely Planet’s founder Tony Wheeler and artist Amalia Ulman and more... You’ll also hear 30 best animal souvenirs and stories from worldwide illustrators. 


PAGES: Cover 4pp
Content 128pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 195mm (w) x 255mm (h)


PAGES: Cover 4pp
Content 32pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 162mm (w) x 255mm (h)


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