Tombow IROJITEN Color pencils set CI-RTB , Seascape collection

$55.00 USD

Meaning “ the color encyclopedia” in Japanese, Tombow IROJITEN collection is truly a color treasure box that fulfills all your needs as a painter.

Want to be a master of colors? TOMBOW IROJITEN collection is certainly a must-have at all times.

QUANTITY: 30 pieces
COLORS: Volume 7, Fluorescence include Plastic Pink, Surprise Red, Equatorial Orange, Sunset Orange, Dazzling Sun, Firefly yellow, Lightning Yelow, Neon Green, Flash Green, and Vigorous Green / Volume 8, Very Pale Tones include Cameo Pink, Almond Blossom, Ecur, Eggshell, Asparagus, Opal Green, Cascade, Horizon Blue, Lupine, and Verbena / Volume 9, Dull Tones include Cedar Wood, Cinnamon, Oil Yellow, Sage Green, Verdigris, Hummingbird, Jay Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Heather, and Tyrian Purple
PACKING: 3 volumes in 3 separate paper box with a holder
WEIGHT: 400g
SOURCE: Made in Vietnam