RMM Artbooks No.06 — Inspire, Daily Life and Portrait, by Suntur (Thailand)

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by RMM
Type: Artbooks

There are three concepts in this book:

“Inspire” consists of the elements that the artist wants to draw at times — he draw what he met, ate, used, what he saw and reflect the things that he saw in great memory in his own point of view. “Daily life” is about something that the artist wants to draw the most. He draws from a kids’ point of view in which everything seems fresh and have a sense of happiness. “Portrait” conveys the message that people have different characters and unique styles and this is the nature of human beings.

About the Artist:

Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University,  Suntur loves art since he was young. He is used to tell stories by bring things alive using the art of drawing. He is currently working in an adverstising agency as a copywriter. Yet, drawings is he favourite hobby that helps keeping his memory for all the things happened in life.

PAGE: 40 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 148 x 210mm
PAPER: Fine paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Single Stitch Passport Binding
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-16953-6-9