RMM Artbooks No.02 — Aesthetics of Danger, by Su-Kyung Lee (South Korea)

$12.00 USD
by RMM
Type: Artbooks

Inspired by animals’ defense mechanism, particularly aposematism, Aesthetics of Danger is about exploring aesthetics in danger by the means of presenting them in various perspectives.

About the Artist:

Su-Kyung Lee is an illustrator based in London, who is originally born in South Korea. Her works explore the variety of surfaces and textures from the nature in different scales. She deals with the subject matter through wide range of media, and she is passionate about hand drawings.

PAGE: 40 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 148 x 210mm
PAPER: Fine paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Single Stitch Passport Binding
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-16953-2-1