RMM Artbooks No.12 — Facing Myself, by Rex Koo (Hong Kong)

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by RMM
Type: Artbooks

One day in 2009, the idea of “Recording Myself” suddenly came into the artist’s head. Other than other various means, the artist chose to paint himself a self-portrait every day to record his different status. The only rule is to paint only his face, there is no restrictions on the canvas sizes or medium. Hoping that he can retrieve the status and mood of the painting when he look at these self-portraits, he has already painted approximately 300 of them so far.

About the Artist:

Rex Koo was born in 1977 at Hong Kong. He has been working in graphic design for more than a decade; his work involves a massive amount of local music albums and movie posters design. Rex believes that graphic design aesthetics could sometimes be cold, rational and calculative; while painting comprehends the devotion of feelings, and that could be irrational and unrestrained.

PAGE: 40 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 148 x 210mm
PAPER: Fine paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Single Stitch Passport Binding
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-16954-2-0