RMM Artbooks No.11 — Life on Life, by Celeste Byers (USA)

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by RMM
Type: Artbooks

This body of work began by combining plants with human diseases and transformed them into the broader theme of life living on life; a constant and necessary occurrence throughout the natural world. All living things survive on other living things, cyclically converting the consumer into the consumed; whether it is soil into plants, plants into animals, or animals into animals.

About the Artist:

Celeste Byers currently lives and works in Los Angelels, but has considered many places on the California Coast home. Her work is inspired by the natural world and the exploration of consciousness through dreams and experience. She is interested in translation emotions, ideas, and perceptions into visual imagery through whatever means necessary including sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, video and sound making.

PAGE: 40 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 148 x 210mm
PAPER: Fine paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Single Stitch Passport Binding
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-16954-1-3