illoAtelier: Transparent Multipurpose Cases Combo (Free Shipping)

$42.00 USD
Type: Pen Cases

These are 2 different sized kawaii clear multipurpose cases!
Designed in the motif of chiffon cakes and vegetables with cute, relaxed animals.
Enjoy it as a storage case for small goods or stationeries!

The goods except for the transparent multipurpose cases are NOT for sale.

Size: 8.5cm×20cm, 6.5cm×11.5cm
Material: PVC

About Mamemai

Mamemai is a Japanese art university student. She expresses the tastiness of foods and the cuteness of rabbits or any other animals in her illustrations.

Mamemai's Instagram: @mamemai.0123

We love Mamemai and her illustrations, check out our Interview with Mamemai now!



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