illoAtelier: Suzy Ultman Washi Collection and Pin Combo (Free Shipping)

$35.00 USD
Type: Pins

Accessorize your letters, notebooks, gifts, and walls with this colorful collection of playfully patterned washi tape. Then, pin your bright birdie friend  to any blouse, back-pack, or a bag! 

Washi Tape Size: 
6 tapes, 0.6” wide, charming reusable packaging

Pin Size: 
1” wide, nickel enamel, charming backer

About Suzy Ultman

A born storyteller, Suzy Ultman has been creating toys and books since childhood. She is an illustrator, product designer, toy creator, and bookmaker of sophisticated and simple objects that inspire and delight young and old alike. Whether gracing your bookshelf or decorating a nursery, Suzy’s signature products tell a story of connection, community and finding your place within a global family.

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Suzy's Instagram: @suzyultman