Butler Pen Pot, hourglass shape, Walnut

$42.50 USD
Type: Pen Stands

Pen stand may not need to be stunning in appearance. But it has to be sturdy and convenient to use. HIGHTIDE’s symmetrical Butler Pen Stand outstandingly fulfills these requirements.

※ Because this product is made of natural wood, grain-size and color is different for each product.

※ Please avoid strong shock and high temperature and humidity, and, please avoid direct sunlight. Deformation like cracking or warping may lead to discoloration.

※ The image is a prop and no pencils or other stationery is included in the package

PACKAGE SIZE: W8.5 x H11 x D8.5cm
POT SIZE: Diameter8 x H10.5cm
WEIGHT: 200g
SOURCE: Made in Japan