RMM Magazine, Vol.06, Cheers Issue

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Arno Le Gall / Hite / Kumiko Iijima / Dana Zimmerling / Jon Ip and Kei Chan / Tomoko Sawada / Calvin Ho from Atomic Attack / Graphicairlines / KABO! / Madeleine Marie Slavic / Mariko Jesse / Yan Yan Mak / Nakako Hayashi / Pan Chan aka PANISM / Uchiyama Sakura / Tsz Kit Yick / Rex Koo / Sarah@Colette / Linus Ricard / Catherine Yu / Damien Brachet / Victor Cheung / Martin Cheung / Amber Fu / Bright Wudtke / Santigo Marotto / Tetsu Akaogi / Laur Meyrieux / Bless / Yu Guang / Jun He / Zhi Zhi Liu / Milkxhake / Eddy So / Jon Ip@aboavision / Daniel Jackson / surface to air / TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori / Atelier A

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2006 Vol.06 Cheers Issue

Volume 6 marks the end of RMM’s first year of publication. RMM always aspires to spread positive information and bring surprises. In “Say Cheers” issue, friends of RMM share their happy moments in life. With the help of Akaogi Tetsu, the chief editor of Special Magazine, and our friend Sakura, RMM features “atelier A”, where children with Down’s Syndrome laugh and draw together.

The cover story of this issue is an exclusive interview with Tomoko Sawada. The self-portraits of Sawada are dazzling and whimsical. Her humorous works invite examination of the ambiguous relation between outward appearance and inner reality. The ever-changing styles in her works not only generate laughter and attention, but also bring revelation to people’s mind.

Say cheers and live happy!

PAGE: 64 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 210 x 297mm
PAPER: Wood-free paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Single sewing bind
LANGUAGE: Bilingual - English and Chinese (Traditional)
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISSN: 1817-2288

RELEASE DATE: August 2006