RMM Magazine, Vol.03, Love Issue

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Madeleine Marie Slavick / Panism / Bocha / Kapok + Brittle Lemon / Oly / Dzurina Dzulkhaini / Sam aka Computerhead / Jon Ip / Kei Chan / Arno Le Gall / Lobato / Ifzan Ibrahim / Mariko Jesse / Jiji Ishak / Nick Lin / Takagi Lala / Warita / Eddy So / Carol Kwok / Henry Chu

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006 Vol.03    Love Issue

Participated by readers who wished to express their view of love anonymously through their creative works, RMM offered them an open platform to do so in this issue. Apart from this Secret Love Project, works by Madeleine Marie Slavick, a writer, poet and photographer who had been working for Oxfam, are also featured. Madeleine shares the 10 things she loves: justice, newness, peace, honesty, nature, humor, cats, surprise, openness and a slow seeing. Meanings are beyond the surface. Madeleine has brought a new perspective to view things for all.

PAGE: 68 pages 
PAGE SIZE: 210 x 297mm
PAPER: Wood-free paper
PRINTING: 4 Colour Process Printing
BINDING: Saddle bind with wrapping paper jacket
LANGUAGE: Bilingual - English and Chinese (Traditional)
SOURCE: Printed in Hong Kong
ISSN: 1817-2288

RELEASE DATE: February 2006