May Our Lives Be Filled With Happy Accidents With Tore Cheung

Our collaboration with Tore goes back to some years ago when we published RMM art books. The art book features Tore’s “Beg Steal Or Borrow” collection, which the visual artist describes as the re-invention that provides opportunities for happy accident. This collaboration with Tore for AWW Cats & Dogs is a happy accident too! It’s so exciting to get to work again with an old friend for the first of our animal series, to catch up and to expect the surprises Tore gives us. 

Read more about Tore’s cat-inspired recommendations and thoughts below:

What do you say to your cat most often?


If you could bring your cats to a place that you have been to, where would you bring them? 

Morocco. Cats would be so excited to get through the maze-like medina!?

Can you recommend a cat-related item? 

The Jumping cats series by photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek.

Your vibrant take on the recipe illustration (P. 110-113) is refreshing! What is the most interesting and difficult part of the process? 

The fun part is the same ingredients could make into dishes for both pets and us. 

The difficult part is I am a vegetarian and I want a veggie option  : p

What tool did you use for the illustration work? 


Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences. 

Accept what is;  Let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. 


To find out more about Tore Cheung, please visit the artist's IG account: @tore_cheung

All images provided by Tore Cheung