Introducing Your New Furry Yoga Instructors

Introducing Your New Furry Yoga Instructors

Who else wants to stay healthy but feels reluctant to work out?

Sadness Cup’s cat and dog characters give us just the fun we need to keep in shape: they stretch, bend and do the splits with lovely ribbons/bow ties and a poker face. It’s also the same amusing atmosphere that draws our eyes to Sadness Cup who takes her cue from pop culture memes and Grumpy Cat, and hence the playful yoga and social life section (P.108 - P.109, P.120 - P.121) in AWW Vol. 1. Read Sadness Cup's interview below and see what’s on her movie list:

What do you say to your cat most often?

“Umm… you’re so cute!”

If you could bring your cat to a place that you have been to, where would you bring him? 

It’s a difficult choice… Every place I have been to worth visiting again.

If I could only pick one, that would be Kyoto. 

Being my first-time-ever solo travel destination and the first Japanese city that I have been to, Kyoto is such a memorable place. As I love antique and historical places, Kyoto is my “love at first sight”. The vibe of Kyoto is so relaxing and I especially love the Kamogawa river. I passed by the river by chance after visiting Kiyomizu Temple. After spending quite a long time there relaxing, I thought it would be a great place to bring my cat (laugh). 

 Can you recommend a cat-themed movie to us? 

“Cats Disappeared from the World”, it was a movie adapted from the Japanese book Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara (世界から猫が消えたなら). 

It talks about a cancer-bearing young postman who is undergoing tremendous frustration. A devil appears and offers him “equivalence exchange”: If something disappeared from the world, he could earn an extra day alive. 

Does it sound great...? The devil makes telephones, movies and clock disappeared from the world such that the young postman gets 3 more days alive. Nevertheless, every precious memory related to these things would also fade away accordingly. On the 4th day, Cabbage, the young postman’s cat disappeared. Notwithstanding the fact that they have been relying on each other for many years, the devil insists to make cats completely gone...

Although cat is the extension point, the underlying theme of this movie lies in the seeking of one’s value and the relationship between one another. 

"Don’t take things for granted” - Old saying though it is, how many of us could really see the essence of it? People only recognise one’s importance after losing it. 

Recently, I have found people and things around me disappearing and change beyond recognition. I felt powerless yet do not know what to do. I hope that readers could be inspired by this movie, especially those who are experiencing similar situation as I do.

We love your illustrative furry characters who give us helpful and instagrammable advice on yoga and posing! What is the most interesting and difficult part of creating for AWW?

Despite specific themes, I was given a lot of freedom to create. Experimenting with different drawing styles and techniques to incorporate my own cat characters into the content is the most interesting part, for instance, I made a pet jenga for the yoga section. 

Putting together scattered ideas in a scenario filled with my personal traits would be the most difficult part.

What tool did you use for this work?

Coloured pencils. 

Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences. 

Very challenging.

Struggling to meet deadlines (laugh) at the cost of my health. 

Satisfied seeing the final products. 

To find out more about Sadness Cup, please visit the artist's IG account: @sadnesscup

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