This Is The Illustrator Who Makes Us Fall In Love With Film Characters, Again!

Lup keeps surprising us not only with her dreamy film characters, but also the sense of humour we find in her work and in her personally. If you happened to catch a glimpse of the film section (P. 100-103) in our AWW Vol.1 , you wouldn’t have forgotten the chubby cat who comes between Ben Stiller and Sean Penn. Our editors will never forget the day when we received Lup’s portrait picture — it amused us greatly because the image features two people, a girl and a man, that started the game of Guess Who’s Lup between us. (For those who are interested turn to P.123 of Volume 1!) Get to know the amazing Lup below:


AWW: What do you say to your cat most often?

Lup: “You are perfectly fat for a cat stew!”


AWW: If you could bring your cats to a place that you have been to, where would you bring them?

Lup: Tai O. There are plenty of cats whom they could cultivate friendship. Moreover, Tai O is home to my cats’ favourite food — dried shrimp and fish. 


AWW: Can you recommend a cat/dog-related item? 

Lup: The movie Kiki’s Delivery Service


AWW: Your illustrations for our movie section are the light-hearted versions of our best-loved films. What is the most interesting and difficult part of the process? 

Lup: It is interesting to see how dogs and cats could add adorableness to the original movie scenes rather than weirdness! Unfortunately, it was a bit hard for me to concentrate on my drawings as I was feeling under the weather then.


AWW: What tool did you use for the illustration work?

Lup: All by computer.


AWW: Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences.

Lup: Desperate to rest when I am busy and sick.

Feeling useless when I am free and without a job.

I could easily be satisfied with my clients loving my work, but I also considered there was room for improvement after I reviewed my work. 


Lup's Work in AWW1:


Lup's Work in AWW2:


To find out more about Lup please visit the artist's IG account | @lupwoohoo


All images provided by Lup.

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