Seeing Ourselves In Kathy Lam’s Tongue-in-cheek Animal Characters

When we decided to create something meme-like and jolly, as chance would have it, we found Kathy’s muscular crow character who possesses The Rock’s body and a soft heart. Kathy’s tongue-in-cheek characters are the animal versions of us enjoying food and life. And so we set our Zodiac Meme section in a lively restaurant where 12 furry characters illustrated by Kathy eat and drink while they do all kinds of fun things (P.118 - P.119). Make sure you get a copy of AWW Volume one to check out which one you are in the restaurant AND read about Kathy’s behind the scenes below! 

    What do you say to your cat most often?

      Seldom do I talk to my pet — but when my cat comes to me and being affectionate, I would pet him and say “Sweet cat, sweet cat.”

        If you could bring your cat to a place that you have been to, where would you bring him? 

          A park where he could touch the grass and plants. Cats only love staying at home and that’s why I want him to get closer to the nature. I have been to Kagoshima lately, so let’s bring him there for the grassland along the sea and volcanoes!

            Can you recommend a cat/dog-related item?

              The movie Isle of Dogs.

                Thank you for your Zodiac Meme illustration that helps make our horoscopes section one of the most relatable parts of AWW! What is the most interesting and difficult part of the process? 

                  Composition is the most interesting and difficult part, and the handling of stroke is another struggle too. My work usually consists of a few animals on a white background only — thus no composition at all (laugh), so I don’t need to ponder a lot before drawing. By attempting something new for this illustration I hope I could improve my work in the future.

                  What tool did you use for the illustration work? 

                  Pencil and light-black poster colours.

                    Please describe your life as an illustrator in 3 sentences. 

                      Freedom and fortune; slump and frustration; countless repetition.   


                      To find out more about Kathy Lam, please visit the artist's IG account: @dawningcrowstudio

                      All images provided by Kathy Lam