Lost In The Woods: Capture The Old-world Beauty Of Nature With Jessica Roux

Everybody loves travelling and illustrators are no exception. In this month, we will be hearing more travelling stories from talented illustrators!

You can always find a little mystery and nostalgia in Jessica Roux’s illustrations, which reminds you of the beauty of nature and animals. Jessica is an animal enthusiast who cares about environmental issues and aspires to raising people's environmental awareness through her work of endangered animals. Read to know more about Jessica and her amazing work! 

AWW: Which piece of work is your favourite of all your drawings? 

Jessica Roux: It’s so difficult to pick a favourite! I think it changes day-to-day and how I’m feeling. Right now, I love the barn owl I illustrated for Heirloom Rustic Ales beer cans. I think it has some mystery and darkness behind it, but features animals and plants, which are my favourite things to illustrate.



AWW: Could you explain the message behind your work?

Jessica: My work focuses on the beauty of nature, flora, and fauna. I want to encourage environmental awareness and a passion for taking care of the world around us. I created a calendar for 2020 that focuses on endangered animals, and doing the research for that project was heartbreaking. There are so many animals in need of our help, especially with the effects of climate change, so hopefully my work can bring some awareness to those issues. 


AWW: We know that you are an animal enthusiast, what is one animal which is most similar to you in personality? 

Jessica: My dog, Molly! She’s my muse and my best friend. I get some of my best ideas for new illustrations and projects when I’m walking her! I also love wolves, foxes, and weasels. 


AWW: Could you describe your routine of a typical work day? 

Jessica: I typically start my day by walking my dog, answering emails, and shipping orders. I sometimes work from home, and sometimes I go to my studio. Next, I focus on what project needs my attention most. I’m usually pretty busy with client work. Today I’m finishing up a few things for my book Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Language of Flowers, which will come out in the fall and be published by Andrews McMeel. I’m really excited about it! I usually end my day with dinner and walking my dog again. In the evenings I sometimes sketch or do more personal work.



AWW: What is your favourite place of travelling? What inspiration did you get there?

Jessica: I love travelling and seeing new places, but I'm always happy to return to Ireland! I went last fall and a few years before that as well. I loved exploring old castles and buildings, walking along the coastline, and laying in big piles of moss. The landscapes and scenery are so beautiful. I think travelling is really important for artists to see and explore the world and to seek new sources of inspiration. When I come back from a long trip away, I feel so much more energized and ready to take on new projects.


AWW: What is the craziest thing you have ever done during a trip?

Jessica: I typically don't do anything too crazy when travelling! My husband and I did go a bit off the typical tourist hiking path at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and the wind was so bad that we thought we might get swept right into the ocean! We had to hold onto a livestock fence to make it back to a less windy zone, and we had to take our glasses off because they were about to fly away! I thought it was really funny, but looking back it was a bit dangerous.  


AWW: Can you share your favourite motto or quote with us?

Jessica: I don't really have a favourite motto or quote, but I did this unicorn illustration last year featuring Emily Dickinson's quote "I dwell in possibility," and I quite like that.


AWW: What inspired you to draw in this style? Do you find any artists or accounts that inspired you?  

Jessica: My style is just how I draw naturally! It’s been refined over time to add in more detail and shading and as I learn more. 


I’m inspired by environmental artists like Audubon as well as medieval artwork and the Pre-Raphaelites. I’m also inspired every day by my studio mates at the Warren. We’re a small collective of illustrators and artists based in Nashville, Tennessee. You can follow along with what we’re up to at @thewarrenstudio on Instagram.


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I’m also inspired by Holly Exley ( @hollyexley_illustration on Instagram, her website is https://www.hollyexley.com ), who is an amazing illustrator and environmental activist I admire greatly.



Another illustrator I love is Finnley Elliott ( @finnleyelliottpawtraits on Instagram, her website is http://finnleyelliott.co.uk ), who does amazing portraiture.



To find out more about Jessica, go visit:

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