Tips for A Successful Illustrator: Draw More Than You Talk

Tips for A Successful Illustrator: Draw More Than You Talk

Now located in Japan, Junel Che Fujinuki has been away from Singapore for over 6 years. She has never changed her enthusiasm in illustrations, stating herself that she probably draws more than she talks. Let's see what her illustrations tell us:


1. Where do you like to draw? 
I draw very often in my studio, and occasionally out in the woods! 
2. Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing? 
I've been drawing since I was a little kid so I don't really have my earliest doodle. But this is the first random character mural I drew on my bedroom wall when I was 12 or something. (I was so into Japanese cartoons that I tried mimicking the Japanese letters too!) 
3. How do you come up with the style of illustrating animals? 
I am most probably inspired by my 2 cats and the plush toys I love since I was a kid.
4. Could you kindly explain your message behind your work? 
My work is free-spirited, and most of the time an expression of my thoughts. I hope my work brings joy and a little reminder of family-values to everyone, be they young or old.


5. What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie with an animal theme? 
My recent picture book called "The Frog Who Came Home" which can be found on my webstore! It was great fun because all the while I have been illustrating for people and for the first time I challenged myself by writing a story, and illustrating it all. The story is about a frog who wanted to "eat" the world and ended up forgetting to go home. 
I used to travel a lot and dread going home till one day I moved out of my hometown. And now after more than 6 years being away, I do miss the food back home and this was what inspired me to get the little frog to tell this little story for me. 
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