Your New Companion: Imaginary Friends

We all need an imaginary friend sometimes! With a few simple tools and some creativity, we too can create some new companions to talk to and hang out with! We’ve asked 4 illustrator friends of AWW to introduce us to their cool friends:

Elliot Kruszynski

AWW: Who are these imaginary friends?

Elliot Kruszynski: These are just a few of the many new friends I’ve been making during the isolation period :)

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It is a group of cats

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Charlotte Love

AWW: Who is this imaginary friend?

Charlotte Love: The new companion is your mum that never closes the bathroom door. 

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Helga Stentzel

AWW: Who are these imaginary friends?

Helga Stentzel: They are teabooks!

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Terry Border 

AWW: Who are these imaginary friends?

Terry Border: They are young couples stuck in quarantine together. I mean, they’re attracted to each other, and the next thing they know is they’re with each other 24/7 for weeks and weeks! 

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