Essentials to Drawing: Cats


The beauty of illustration lies in its bittersweet nature looking for inspiration. Sometimes you try to look at the world with curious and innocent eyes and can't help but question: how can illustrators figure out a way to keep their creativity and passion? After reading the lovely interview with Hana Sawamura, you may get to savour the bittersweet moments ... Let's read and find out how!

AWW: Where do you like to draw?

Hana Sawamura: I usually draw at my tiny work desk at my house or at dining table. I choose one where my cat is.

AWW: Do you still remember your first piece of work? What made you start drawing?

Sawamura: I've loved making characters since I was a kid. One of the favourite characters I made is Fukumen neko chan (a cat with a mask) at my first show in Tokyo.


AWW: How do you come up with the style of illustrating animals?

Sawamura: My cat Gumi, She's only 4 months, and she is my biggest inspiration.


AWW: Could you kindly explain your message behind your work?

Sawamura: Honestly I don't know because I just enjoy drawing and making things. I think I just want people to enjoy my work.


AWW: What’s your beloved project/product/book/tv show/movie with an animal theme?

Sawamura: "Sekai Neko Aruki" is my favourite documentary program which stars the world's cats shot by animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. 



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