Paradise for Foodies! Mouth-watering illustrations by Connie Au

Paradise for Foodies! Mouth-watering illustrations by Connie Au

Have you ever wondered what illustrators eat while they draw or what kind of a food person they are? This month, talented illustrators will reveal their interesting eating habits and food choices. Let’s take a look!

Connie Au, a talented watercolorist born in Hong Kong, is well-known for her food diary. You can never resist her vivid illustrations of food as they are looking even more scrumptious than the actual ones. It may be a little guilty to eat all of the desserts but it is definitely OK to enjoy these zero-calories food illustrations! Keep reading to find more about Connie:

1. How did you come up with the idea of doing food diary? How long have you been doing it?

The first food diary was a travel journal recording my trip to Japan. It was done in around 2016 and since then I am still doing it. I think it was a natural product of my painting practices and journaling habit.

2. How would you describe your work? How did you come up with this style?

I consider my work quite vivid, somewhat realistic but with a touch of imagination. They usually represent the ideal look of a certain kind of food.

It was a slow transformation over the years. First of all, I was learning how to harness the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolour. This was a great hurdle to get over before I could paint anything. Later on, I tried to paint as realistic as in a photo. Finally, I decided to move on and add more bold colours in my work. They may well change again anytime!

3. Do you actually try the food or dishes before you draw them? What is your favourite food or dishes among all your drawings?

Not necessarily (haha)! I think only those in my travel/food journal were actually eaten. I usually look for reference photos for my works, not only do they look better, but also contain no calories whatsoever.

It is quite hard to say. I don’t frequent dessert places and I am generally happy with any sorts of sweet stuff.

4. Can you share a special meal you’ve had recently?

I went back to Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year period, something that I haven’t done for years (as I usually visit in Nov-Dec). My parents were overjoyed and made sure I got well-fed all the time. There was nothing better than having the traditional breakfast made by my dad on New Year Day. It was all vegetarian, including a very interesting sugar-laden glass noodles dish, that is strictly New Year exclusive.

5. Most of the topic of your drawings are related to food, why would you choose it as your drawing topic?

Since I have started experimenting with watercolour (about 10 years ago), my favourite subject has always been food. Even my very first few paintings, which were of course poorly done, were some cakes and fruits. I think food brings joy to everyday life and if I cannot eat them all, I can still paint them.

6. Can you share your favourite motto or quote to us? 

I am deeply moved by the poignant master Van Gogh and his quote “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.”



To find more about Connie and her food illustrations, go visit her Instagram:

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