Love In Print With An Gee Chan

An Gee Chan is the artist and printmaker you should know!

She is a modest printmaking artist who we knew so little from the internet. It was through a friend that we had finally got to know her and her incredible artworks. In an relaxing afternoon we visited An Gee’s studio. An Gee runs the studio with her partner Justin, together they make so many amazing prints and art: porcelain cup featuring a basketball-loving dolphin, dotted plant pots that match the patterns of the leaves, zines on images that tell different narratives of the Wolf and the lamb, beautiful papers that made of recycled materials and more! The studio is not only a space where An Gee and Justin create, it is the home that houses their love for prints and life!

What do you say to your dogs most often?


Stop MURPHY!!!

Don't die! I will see you in Christmas.

Bread and butter, eat it in the morning, bread and butter eat it in the evening...

Murphy, Clyde, EAT YOUR DINNER!

If you could bring your dogs to a place that you have been to, where would you bring them?

Hong Kong, I want to show them where we are living now. They probably will find it a bit busy.

Lake Kawagichiko, they will enjoy their walks there.

Can you recommend a dog-themed product? 

Squeaky toys and balls. 

Thank you for the lovely screen printed cat poster for AWW! What is the most interesting and difficult part of the process? 

I don't know cats too well and it took me a while to think of what should I draw/print about them. Most of my interactions with cats are when they ask for milk or ham, seeing them catching birds and running after rats.

What tool did you use for the poster? 

The poster was screen printed! 

Please describe the life of being an artist. 

I enjoy what I am doing. Making art keeps me going and thinking.


To find out more about An Gee Chan, please visit the artist's website:

All images provided by An Gee Chan