A Perfect Tale for a Night Person like YOU!

A Perfect Tale for a Night Person like YOU!

When the night falls, you keep yawning, rubbing eyes and nodding off, but you insist you are not tired because you just don’t feel like crawling into bed. Sounds familiar, huh? You are certainly not alone. At the beginning of Mary Logue’s Sleep Like a Tiger, the sleepless girl asked, ‘Does everything in the world go to sleep?’ As you read on, you hear the parents talking about sleep habits of different animals. Together with the dreamy and fairytale-like illustrations, you gradually become unable to tell between the realms of sleep and awake. A while later, you gradually fall asleep… like a tiger (yawn).

Book Title: Sleep like a Tiger
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers


Author: Mary Log


Illustrator: Pamela Zagarenski


All Photos © Amazon UK

Text by Alison Tse