Editor's Corner: You did great for the week, cheers!

You did great for the week, cheers!

To all the tired bodies and bewildered souls out there, finally we make it through another week to Friday! It’s time for a drink and chillax.🍷 While you are enjoying your small drink, spare me some story-telling time! 

This was a photo taken in Amsterdam Heineken Experience last year while I was on the last stop of my half-year European journey. The beer-brewing knowledge I acquired here was amazing for sure, but one thing that struck me most was the “Wall of Cheers”. Apart from the Dutch word “Proost”, the Chinese traditional characters for cheers ("乾杯") also stands out from the crowd. How fantastic it was to recognise some elements from your hometown when you’re thousands of miles away from home? Visitors around shared where we came from and taught one another our mother’s tongue, it definitely felt less lonely while I knew I was surrounded by wanderers around the globe.🌎

I guess this is the power of wine—it is an universal language that binds us together, when all things fail, at least we still have beer to bolster ourselves up!😆 On this very special occasion, allow me to bring a toast to you all in Cantonese: “Yam2 bui1!”🍻

Text and Photo by Ashley C.

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