Editor's Corner: Open a New Window Somewhere in the World

What’s your favourite kind of daydreaming? Whenever I’m stuck or overwhelmed, I love looking out the window and observing how strangers go back and forth.🌆🚶🏻‍♀️I even found it interesting to imagine their occupations, background and stories behind, it’s my panacea!💊

Recently, I have explored this Window Swap website and it’s soooooo great that I can’t help browsing it for HOURS! Here you’ll find yourself travelling around the world, peeping through strangers’ lives by observing their windows. This is such a pleasant journey for me. I feel like there’s always a connection between all of us somehow, no matter how far we’re apart.


Enjoy your journey now through Window Swap:

Text by Ashley C.  |  Image credit to @WindowSwap 

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