Editor's Corner: Calming Candles That Save You From Insomnia

Many of my closest friends have birthdays in July and I’ve been struggling with what to buy for them. To be honest, DIY gifts are never on my to-do list as I am afraid of screwing the whole thing up. But then, I recalled my friend Sylvia has been suffering from insomnia lately and it’d be great if the scented candle can spruce her bedroom up and calm her mood at night.

And if you’ve been wondering what to buy for your friends on their birthdays, just give a try to this heart-warming, affordable, and super easy-to-make candle!


Scented Candle - Passion Fruit Dreams

Candle Container (heat-proof jars, tins, etc.)
Soy Wax Flakes 100g
Pre-waxed wick
Superglue or hot glue
Heat-proof bowl
Large bowl (as a double boiler)
Mixing spoon
Fragrance oil or essential oils


1. Find a candle container at your home and decorate it with paints or other accessories. Attached the pre-waxed wick with super glue or hot glue. Make sure it is well-attached!

2. Put the soy wax flakes into a heat-proof bowl and melt it with hot water by using another large bowl as a double boiler. 

3. When the wax is fully melted, it will look akin to olive oil. Kindly wait for it to cool down until it reaches 70-degree celsius.

4. Here’s my favourite part. Find one of your favourite fragrance oil or essential oils and add a few drops of it to the melted wax. (I have used a passion fruit fragrance oil for mine)

5. Almost there! Pour the substance to the candle container and wait for it to condense. And there you go, a decent and smell-so-good scented candle! 


Once you nail the recipe, they will be your best go-to gift as you can customise the scent with your friends’ personalities.

For more detailed information and guide, check out the tutorial video below.



Text and Photo by Yanki Y. 

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