Editor's Corner: An Umeshu Drink Helps You Sleep Better!   

Hi folks! What’s up with you guys lately? Well, for me, let’s just say a slight insomnia has made me go nuts! Luckily, a friend of mine who’s an Umeshu enthusiast has suggested a remedy drink for me before bed time. It actually helps with my sleeping problem, I feel more energised and relaxed when waking up from bed! So my friends, if you have the same problem I do, mix your own Umeshu drink:


Sleep Tight Umeshu

Umeshu (½ Gls)
Sparkling water (½ Glass)
Ice (Handful)
Blueberries (3-5 Pieces)
Lime (¼)
Dried sweet plums (1-2 Pieces)


Simply mix all the ingredients together and Viola! You have your very own Sleep Tight Umeshu! Enjoy your sleep!


Text and Photo By Sylvia W.

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