Can I have Japanese food every Monday?

Can I have Japanese food every Monday?

Can I have Japanese food every Monday?

The news has reminded me it's been a year since lockdown. Do you still remember what you were doing right before the world stopped for a bit?

For me, it was searching high and low for the most delicious meals. I’d go to any length to eat good Japanese food, and even got lost in Japan’s Mount Haruna last February. If you’ve ever watched the Japanese anime Initial D, you’d know how terrifying it is! We spent 2 hours driving to our final destination and almost threw up during the drive! But what awaited us at the end of our arduous journey was definitely worth it — imagine having the best Japanese barbeque experience in the middle of the woods. Every ingredient (even the seasonings!) was delicately prepared for us, packaging and instructions included. I felt like I was a Master Chef for the day. This still is an incredible dining experience I’d never forget.

As a Japanese food fanatic, I love watching how Japanese chefs cook. It's like enjoying a great solo performance by a musician! The professionalism and attentiveness of Japanese chefs just stuns me everytime. Now that I can’t travel to Japan, I can only satisfy my desire through online Japanese gourmet programmes; I’m such a maniac!

The AWW Team has been researching for AWW Issue 5 recently and I just can’t extricate myself from FOOD (Yes! Our next issue is all about food!). We keep sharing a plethora of food-related news every day and this drives me hungry all the time! That’s why this series of Editor’s Corner articles are all about sharing how we kick away the Monday blues through food!

Here you go: a cooking scene of my favourite animated stop-motion movie Isle of Dogs (I’ve been binge-watching it! Wes Anderson is definitely a fan of Japanese cuisine!).


Isle of Dogs (Sushi Scene) from Not To Scale on Vimeo.

Don’t miss out on their making of “time-lapse of its 32-day-long shoot” too. I bet you’ll keep rewatching this video like I do!

To all the Japanese food I adore: Jya Matta ne! (じゃあまたね!) !

Text by Amber F.  |  Isle of Dogs, Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved 

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Editor's Corner

Can I have Japanese food every Monday?

Editor's Corner